Christine is curious ;

don't judge me !

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Dear Followers,… dear tumblr!

I need your help!!!
This is my submission for the Ironman Tshirt Design Contest on Threadless. Sadly my first one got declined this is my 2nd try!
I really, really would love to win this because with the money I could finally pay a doctor to fix something on me that has bothered me half my life… (no… no boobjob or fat stuff. Something simple, small, yet very disgracing…)

Ok enough whining. Just… Damn it would be so friggin awesome! And come on… you could buy that shirt! D:

Pleeeeaaaase give me 5 points and please share it. I know… duh you have to sign up but it doesn’t take long and threadless is totally worth it, too!

Please share, reblog, tell your friends! Anything! I’d love you forever!
*falls on her knees*

Thanks you for reading and (hopefully) voting for me!

I love you guys!


AWESOME design!! I’m totally voting!

Aaaaah thank you so much for reblogging this! *—-*; And to everyone else! Especially to Fahrligh! <333333