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Visual Reprise: 3D Paintings

Amazing paintings that defies tradition. Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata fuses his paintings with his color-perfect sculptures. These compositions make for quite the compelling installation. At first glance, these painting seem perfectly great, but take a step back and watch the visual presentation as the sculpture compliments the work itself. The first piece is just lovely, the sunset backdrop that corresponds with the yellow, orange gradient works flawlessly against the subject and cat. The second piece is my favorite, the cascading blue, violet markings makes for an interesting element in the piece. It sets a perfect mood for the girl and her food. The third piece is just as remarkable as well, the brown and light green creates the illusion of fall. I love all of these workings, be sure to check out more of Shintaro’s work after the jump.

these are so nice i am actually sitting here in awe.

Wait there’s more of these holy shit that’s awesome.